Bringing up bates season 9

Bringing up bates season 9
Bringing up bates season 9
Bringing up bates season 9

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Bringing up bates season 9 Bringing up bates season 9 For more updates about the Bates family and their TV show, check back with TV Shows Ace.The Bateses have long been considered the cooler, more down-to-earth version of the Duggars, and no skeletons have fallen out of their closet just yet.With much perseverance, Josie gives birth to baby Willow and the family comes together to celebrate.Kelly Jo has a heart-to-heart with Gil about her health and needing a medical procedure to help alleviate symptoms associated with a digestive disorder.So, they miss each other very much and its a struggle for the Bringing Up Bates clan to be in self-isolation.

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Bringing up bates season 9 Bringing up bates season 9 And to celebrate the holidays, the family return to their yearly tradition of singing carols at an assisted living center and reflect on their many blessings as they get ready for a new year!Bringing Up Bates Season 8 ended on April 11, 2019, but a lot has happened in the supersized family since then.Fitting this massive clan under one roof is a mighty task.And Jadon is named after Whitney's father, Jimmy Carl.

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Bringing up bates season 9 Bringing up bates season 9 Here's what to expect from new 2020 episodes.You can see the couple's first photo with their son on the People website.But will protective big brother Bradley let anyone hold her?With only Bobby by her side, Tori gives birth to a healthy baby boy, rooted on via video chat by Kelly Jo and her sisters.Erin, Chad, and Lawson join Josie to help with a challenging painting project.Bringing Up Bates tells the story of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates.

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Bringing up bates season 9 As of now, they also have 12 grandchildren since some of their kids got married.This weekend, Alyssa Webster and her four girls made the trip up to Tennessee to see the rest of the Bates family.Besides that, there may be the start of a new courtship.Certainly, the boutique is a wonderful way for the sisters to spend time together and make money at the same time.

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Bringing up bates season 9 There's more of the Bates family on the way!Later, the married couples go on a kid-free date as all the grandkids have a sleepover with Kelly Jo and a still recovering Gil!Does he have news he wants to share?Long distance loves, Katie and Travis, make plans to celebrate his 19th birthday in New Jersey.

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Bringing up bates season 9 The Bates family will be bringing fans along for more family firsts.Erin and Chad have a kitten, two pigs, some piglets on the way, and a baby goat.Bringing Up Bates Cast: Who is in it?And, he seems ready as well because he prepares a surprise for her.They were accompanied by Alyssa's sister-in-law and nephew.