Star wars rebels fanfiction

Star wars rebels fanfiction
Star wars rebels fanfiction
Star wars rebels fanfiction

Star wars rebels fanfiction Star wars rebels fanfiction With a Super Commando closing in on them, Sabine was forced to fly low and Ezra narrowly avoided hitting a rock.In the meantime, Ezra and his companions took the opportunity to fly aboard the Phantom, then rescued Ahsoka from an Imperial patrol and fled into hyperspace.However, the rebels' walker encountered two AT-AT walkers, that had been sent to counter Ryder's attack.Fleeing into an apartment block, he contacted Ezra and Kanan, who traveled rejoin their companion only for Ezra to discover one of the Sister's seeker droids hovering at the entrance.This could also explain his keen Force Sense enabling him to empathically sense Maketh Tua's fear for her life and her honesty, as well as being able to sense the Dark Side from Lothal while still in orbit.Ezra protested when Saw began rummaging through Klik-Klak's home.

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Star wars rebels fanfiction Star wars rebels fanfiction Following the successful relief of Ibaar, Hera was promoted as the new Pheonix leader at Kanan's recommendation.A couple hours had passed since removing himself from the others, and with that time, Ezra walked around the town, having controlled his emotions.Though after he turned, he felt a tug on his sleeve and a quiet whisper.Returning to the Ghost, Padawan and droid found Hondo among the rebels and discovered that the Phantom's autopilot had been programmed to return to its mothership.While Kanan, Sabine and Chopper managed to land on the bridge, Ezra miscalculated and almost fell into the gassy atmosphere below, but Kanan used the Force to pull up and reprimand his apprentice.

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Star wars rebels fanfiction Star wars rebels fanfiction The two discussed their disagreement about the Sith holocron and the significance of their mission to Malachor.A young padawan walked along the sandy hills of Lothal.With the handy work done, Chopper switched back the gravity causing he technicians to plummet while Ezra managed to grab a platform.As they ventured deeper, Ezra took the opportunity to apologize for the recent troubles but Kanan assured his apprentice that it was not his fault.

Star wars rebels fanfiction During the fight, Ezra has knocked off the platform leaving Kanan to believe he was dead.What's worse, they didn't stop him, only change his goals - he broke off the attack himself, after discovering that Ahsoka was there.Fortunately for Ezra and the rebels, the Rebel Fleet arrived with Phoenix Home and the Ghost.Hondo is unnerved by the change in his young friend and asks quite nervously "Is that really Ezra?After decrypting the stolen Imperial plans, the rebels learned that Thrawn had developed a new starfighter, a TIE Defender, an initiative that threatened the Rebellion.

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Star wars rebels fanfiction As they fled into a narrower part of the canyon, Sabine used grenades to block Saxon and his men.Unsatisfied, Saxon continued the interrogation and forced Ezra to reveal that Rau had sent him.While making their way to the top of the Sith Temple, Kanan pulled Ezra aside at an opportune moment and warned his apprentice that Maul could not be trusted.

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Star wars rebels fanfiction Before Vader could finish Ezra off, he was joined by Ahsoka.Mission to free Wookiee prisoners.Because of Ezra's success in rescuing Hondo, Sato promoted the young rebel to Lieutenant Commander and put him in charge of the mission.Because of the shield, the shockwave of the explosion rebounds and hits the settlement again and again, obliterating it.Thrawn's Elite Mook, Implacable Man droids he spars with.