Take it all back

Take it all back
Take it all back
Take it all back

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Take it all back Take it all back I find it only adds to the anticipation and mystery of it all.Also, if you have a comment about a particular piece of work on this website, please go to the page where that work is displayed and post a comment on it.I want to accept that the journey is all there is.

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Take it all back Take it all back While she holds firm to her narrative, the revelation of new and troubling evidence could put the entire case in jeopardy, forcing Jodie to come face to face with holding back the entire truth.The scenes flip back and forth between the court, the conferences and meeting that both Jodie and the boys hold with their lawyers, the talks between the boys themselves, and Jodie and Zara.Zara, a formal barrister now rape counselor, is divided between her family, her heart, and her job when 16-year-old Jodie accuses four boys of rape.This book took my sleep away and gave me full nightmares all night, making me think the story, the characters, the tragedy, the hatred the people gave, the unfairness, illogical, cruel perceptions hiding behind religion, nationality and race!

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Take it all back Take it all back The writing was outstanding and kept me fully engrossed from start to finish.Every other rap is another bad attempt to redefine pain.It's a bold story one that propels the reader into their own conflicting opinion and at the end makes them well aware of the frailties of many that some seem to prey upon.Zara, you see is Muslim and her involvement makes things tricky.Who should they want to be with her?


Take it all back The downloaded files belong to you, without any usage limit.All in all, I would have given this a higher rating had the author not pulled another twist, and on the very last page no less, seemingly out of thin air.Americans get rich and lazy and the economy collapses.

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Take it all back I'm waking up Hey, My life is real great feel I'm well on my way to my dreams coming true and I'm getting to do with you and it feels so nice when the people sing along, singing along to the banjo And I take it all back, take it all back, take it all back I take it all back just to have you.Kudos, Madam Abdullah, for this thrilling piece.It is complicated and controversial, as it not only has the reader questioning whether or not the rape occurre 4.You want life in neat and predictable boxes when it's actually a river of shit " The ending is brilliant with unexpected turns to the story, and every detail is wrapped up skillfully.Abdullah fills the pages of the book with this struggle, judged in the harshest way, to show that there are time when the truth must come out, no matter what the personal consequences that accompany it.I will definitely be picking up more books from Kia Abdullah in the future.

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Take it all back The four boys accused are Muslim immigrants from successful, hardworking families who are popular in their class.When I read books like this I just wish I could have a real life book group discussion straight after I have finished the read, but sadly in Covid times this will not happen for some time.I felt unsettled the entire time while reading this, and a sense of dread with every page I turned--reading the details about rape is never easy, and I was scared to see what would be revealed next.The four young men accused are Muslims, from immigrant families, while Jodie is a white girl.The rich take back all the money and set up a dictatorship.