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4chan.orgbcatalog 4chan.orgbcatalog That being said, the initial autopsy said this was only one factor and most people with this view are misreading that autopsy, which still stated the primary cause of death was compression of the neck.Now it seems like tons of people get into things with that as the goal.Some chan boards, like 4chan, store this information so it can be retrieved later.

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4chan.orgbcatalog 4chan.orgbcatalog A very simple pattern of 4chan posting culture is to offend others in order to provoke a debate about what you actually want to discuss.It remains one of the few places online where I can read shitposts with actual artistic merit.You may not market your application, product, or service as being "official" in any way.Then it was narrowed down again and again until we got this comment which asserts an outright lie.It really was better, once upon a time.While many people who visit these sites simply share memes or discuss video games, the sites have also become a gathering place for white supremacists and right-wing nationalists who take advantage of the freewheeling and anonymous nature of the boards.

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4chan.orgbcatalog 4chan.orgbcatalog In early February 2010, the site's admin, moot, made dubs temporarily unavailable due to the spam they caused (shown below).Waters calling for violence in case of non-guilty verdict.Those numbers don't capture the entire population of chan board users.No matter what nation of the world you are from, they will find an insult for you.Why are chan boards controversial?The winning post ended up picking Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer.

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4chan.orgbcatalog Watkins for his cooperation today," the Congressmen said in a press release.Thread list Documentation for the board threadlist and its brief stats.Or the difference between a concern that is quite prevalent vs a concern that is just being astroturfed?

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4chan.orgbcatalog But I did spend a lot of time in the Gawker comment section and reading things like the Crazy Days and Nights blog.One fan of the new board was a 15-year-old Christopher "Moot" Poole who was inspired to create his own board call 4chan in his New York City Home.I would say that overall, 4ch does attract.

4chan.orgbcatalog But because chan boards are loosely moderated and provide anonymity, they've also become a breeding ground for hateful ideas and bullying behavior.Until that surprising trumpet sounds, it is likely that this movement will become unstoppable.Meta on top of meta on top of meta.