Emergence season 1 episode 3

Emergence season 1 episode 3
Emergence season 1 episode 3
Emergence season 1 episode 3

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Emergence season 1 episode 3 Emergence season 1 episode 3 Jo refuses, but she takes the donuts with her to the hospital, since she gets a text from Chris saying that the guy who broke into her house in episode 2 is awake.Jo tries to explain the situation in a neutral way that backs up Alex.Quite what will happen next remains to be seen but for now, Emergence continues to deliver an enthralling mystery.What we can say for sure is that Auger Industries have the intention of reclaiming their property, and the resources to do it.

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Emergence season 1 episode 3 Emergence season 1 episode 3 We learn his name (did it matter?Back in the real world, Piper is sitting on the couch in a catatonic state.He was simply a henchman working for the true villain, a Fortune 500 company manager, Richard Kindred (guest-starring Terry O'Quinn aka Lost's John Locke).Jo brings Piper to work with her, where Piper makes fingerprint pictures based on her time in the imaginary amusement park with Emily.Jo exposed her whole family to Piper and put her job on the line only to find out that this little girl is a programmed computer with unknown capabilities.When Jo gets home, Benny is waiting on the sidewalk and Alex is on the porch.

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Emergence season 1 episode 3 Emergence season 1 episode 3 It works too, and as Emily opens up the backdoor she tells Jo she can connect her to Piper.They have all of the electronics in the police station scanned for any spyware Emily might have left behind.After months of dead ends, the Evans family receives information that could lead them to Piper.Emily and Alan are having some difficulties in working together.Midway through their conversation, Jo catches up with Piper but Benny holds her up at gunpoint.

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Emergence season 1 episode 3 A few more words can help others decide if it's worth watching.He breaks in, then sneaks up on the henchman and subdues him after a brief fight.To that end, she decides to sacrifice herself, forming a protective bubble around herself and the orb so that only she gets vaporized when it finally goes off.Will we find out what she is definitively soon-ish?But the show is very clearly using her as a metaphor for the way intelligent little girls are treated in our culture.

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Emergence season 1 episode 3 Jo is understandably having trouble reconciling what she just learned, with her impression of the 10-year-old girl who has been living under her roof since the plane crash.When Alex sees Emily and Piper, he jumps out of the car to stop Piper.If the show gets a season 2, they might put her in school, because Piper wants to be like Mia.

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Emergence season 1 episode 3 As a bonus, Agent Brooks is a lively chap too!Or maybe she was a fetus grown in a lab with the artificial intelligence apparatus as part of her body.Vanessa brought some old family pictures and one of them, dated June 1988, is a picture of Vanessa with her ten-year-old daughter Emily who looks identical to Piper!Sure, burners can be tapped but they'd at least add a layer of difficulty.Better late than never in this particular case!As she throws the gold book into the fireplace, Piper kicks Jo out of her memories.