Resident evil 2 detonator

Resident evil 2 detonator
Resident evil 2 detonator
Resident evil 2 detonator

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Resident evil 2 detonator Resident evil 2 detonator Electronic Door Panel (Leon) Now depending on whether you play Leon or Claire you will get a sligthly different Door Panel Puzzle after having found the two Electronic Parts.Unfortunately, the detonator is nowhere in sight.We sometimes include relevant affiliate links in articles from which we earn a small commission.

Resident evil 2 detonator Resident evil 2 detonator Hirun Cryer is by far the most juvenile member of USgamer.This guide will show you the solution for the Maiden Statue Puzzle.This RE2 Remake Puzzles Guide will focus on solving all the puzzles in the game and helping you unlock specific achievements, where possible.Use the Cutting Tool to open the door and find the Round Handle that is within the East Office.In simpler words, the puzzle that is given for Leon may be different for Claire.The Maiden statue still requires you combine the Electronic Gadget and Battery to make a detonator for the Plastic explosive West Storage Room.

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Resident evil 2 detonator Resident evil 2 detonator S Office, this is after you meet Claire outside at the backyard of Police Station when the Helicopter is exploded.It means you can pass them if you have room, but in a tight corridor like this, a fight is the best way to deal with them once and for all.Once in the Shower Room, use the the Round Handle on the pipe to turn off the boiling hot steam.

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Resident evil 2 detonator The Second Floor locker code (CAP) can be found scribbled on a whiteboard on the ground floor.Just keep them away from the Makeshift Sickroom door, use the generators, and heal when you need to.When the lights go out, a Hunter Beta will show up, too.When ready, head west into the corridor outside the Safety Deposit Room and West Office.

Resident evil 2 detonator After the cutscene has concluded, turn to your right, an pick up the cutting tool.At a certain point during the police station segment of Resident Evil 2, you're going to need to obtain a detonator in order to destroy some C4.Head north-west, up the stairs to the 2F locker, where you can open the locker with the Locker Code provided earlier (there are Shotgun Shells or Flame Rounds inside, depending on who you are playing as) and able to use the Round Handle to stop the steam blocking the way into the Shower Room.

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Resident evil 2 detonator Resident Evil 2 Remake Maiden Statue Puzzle Solution.You'll find a page from the notebook as 'A Scrap of Paper' in the Watchman's Room 1F east, while the main notebook itself will be on the sofa in the main hall where Marvin was sitting.Head into the Jail and take the last right you see, into a big room.