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S&w 500
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S&w 500

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S&w 500 S&w 500 I still get many requests for loading data for all of them, however a strange thing has happened.The effectiveness of that has to be questionable.I am sure that a higher skilled could do better.Single action revolvers, the only ones that could take the force, were impressive in their own way.Will someone come along in the next few decades and kick it up a notch?In reality, it can be very dangerous.

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S&w 500 S&w 500 Many of our bullets are custom designs you will find nowhere else.If someone offers you a chance to shoot one, offer to pay for the rounds.Even my 86 year old mother has fired it, once, but she remained standing and acually placed the shot on paper!

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S&w 500 S&w 500 Barnes DPX rated at 1,350 fps, and a 350-grain Sierra JHP at the same velocity.I had this issue when I was using CCI LR primers but ever since I switched to Winchester and Federal, I had no such issues.And as soon as the hammer drops, all hell brakes loose.

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S&w 500 Laugh out loud funny to look at and others laugh at you and point when you bring it out at the few outdoor ranges that let you shoot it (almost no indoor will let you shoot it more than one or two rounds).Due to the pressures (50,000-60,000 PSI) of loaded cartridges the plasma gas cut through any fingers straggling over there.Bullets can be had hard cast, flex tip, jacketed hollowpoint, semi-jacketed, flat nose, and so on.I tried the same rounds again and they fired.Make no mistake, it is a cannon but a fun to shoot cannon.NOTE: Magnum Research does make a single-action revolver that is bigger and more powerful than the 500 Magnum.

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S&w 500 There is a limited selection of rifle bullets.South Dakota-based ammunition company Cor-Bon was brought into the fold to help bring the cartridge to life.The 10 has a Leupold scope and is a fine, accurate piece that far exceeds my skills.

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S&w 500 However, these gun owners soon realized that the heavy factory load recoil made shooting the gun very painful, as well as expensive.This revolver, as far as I can tell, was designed for one thing, and that would be to put a great deal of stopping power in a small package that can easily be carried or stowed.This is NOT the gun you want to mess with.Top: The Barnes 275 DPX and Sierra 350 JHP are excellent choices for reloading the.I agree with kagbalete, the 454 Casull is more punishing than the 500.A simple mistake can cost you fingers, eyes, and gun parts.