Kamen rider cross z

Kamen rider cross z
Kamen rider cross z
Kamen rider cross z

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Kamen rider cross z Kamen rider cross z During the feedback, Evol abandoned Soichi's body and entered Cross-Z, merging with his split genes and becoming whole once more.He then turned to see Sento and Kazumi running to him before stopping to transform into Kamen Riders Build RabbitRabbit and Grease.The next day at the Seito capital, Evolto, as Blood Stalk, sat on a couch observing a crimson cobra-style bottle as Namba, in his Mido disguise, just ended a hologram conversation with Taizan, stating they will take back Pandora Box by force.

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Kamen rider cross z Kamen rider cross z With one Faust Guard standing over the Touto Prime Minister with its blade, Stalk told Sento to hand the driver over again, unaware that Rogue was creeping in the dark and jumped to his father, kicking the machine away and forcing Stalk back.As he asked the humans if they have a death wish, they broke down in terror and ran in all directions until Ryuga, Kazumi, Gentoku, and Sento approaching before him.He was swiftly defeated by Sougo as Ohma Zi-O.


Kamen rider cross z Kamen rider cross z Killbus adds to this challenge by producing six Smash.Utsumi made the first move and signaled the Hard Guardians to attack, but Evol destroyed them all with a wave of his hand, shocking Utsumi as Engine Bro's and Remocon Bro's advance to attack Evol.Sento notes that they could not ask for voice help from those people who existed in this world because all their memories related to the Pandora Box were erased, including the two of them.

Kamen rider cross z Evol told them his new name and that he will acquire the true power of the Pandora Box with the Evol-Driver and the Fullbottles' equivalent, the Evolbottles.As Shimizu told Build that his father built the Lost Bottles to be used with a black Pandora panel, Evol generated a tendril and injected Shimizu with poison, killing him instantly.As Isurugi expected, Sento and Ryuga broke in the 7th Touto plant of the Namba Heavy Industries to infiltrate the massive storage facility, which Gentoku informed Sento that the facility is where the Pandora Box was located.

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Kamen rider cross z They were interrupted by the silver booth going off, intriguing both Isurugi and Sento enough to see the new purified bottle, the Ninjya bottle.Still not believing Build's words, Evol caught Rogue and Grease's punches as they ran at him, stating it's futile until they grabbed his arms and moved to his sides, allowing Cross-Z to punch Evol with the Blizzard Knuckle.He told Sento to find it and bring it in one day at a wharf and Taizan will die if he shows up late before hanging up.Stalk then created a giant energy projection of a cobra and retrieved the incapacitated Nabeshima, leaving Sento to pass out on the ground after seeing Stalk near the smoke.

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Kamen rider cross z Ryuga doesn't believe Sawa's claim, and Sento added if Namba was Faust's benefactor, then Faust knew about nascita being a front for Kamen Rider Build from the get-go and asked Sawa why Faust didn't attack them.Intervening on the fight between Build, Cross-Z Charge, Grease and the three Hard Smash outside of the Touto capital, Stalk commended them for their battle while the Castle Hard Smash asked him why he arrived during the fight.During their fight Stalk altered the room with lasers, sections of the wall and floor popping out and traps, which overwhelmed Cross-Z, Build TankTank and Grease.Rogue gained the upper hand with his bat abilities, Steam Blade and Transteam Gum, forcing Stalk to the ground until he decided to let experience determine the outcome as he slipped under Rogue via typhoportation and summoned his Steam Rifle, overpowering Rogue with a combination of assaults and blasts, forcing Rogue out of his transformation.The next day, Evolto watched as Misora, under the control of a corrupted Vernage, transformed into the CD Lost Smash and attack Kaman Rider Build with Shinobu, overwhelming the melancholy rider until Ryuga, who'd awaken from losing consciousness as Evolto's genes made him run wild, appeared and assisted Sento, confirming a new resolve and turned the tide of the battle, which lead to the outcome of saving Misora, transferring Vernage's power into Ryuga's body to nullify Evolto's genes, and Sento reacquiring the Rabbit bottle, which turned gold as proof of Sento's Hazard Level rising to seven.When Killbus appeared and forced Ryuga to reactivate the Pandora Box, Evolto is awakened and emerge as Blood Stalk, engaging him, before escaping with Ryuga, Yui and the Pandora Box.