Yu yu hakusho hiei

Yu yu hakusho hiei
Yu yu hakusho hiei
Yu yu hakusho hiei

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Yu yu hakusho hiei Yu yu hakusho hiei However, he can still be quite a clever combatant when the situation calls for it.Despite his short size, he has a lean, muscular build to him.But now you should hope that we're not on the same group.

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Yu yu hakusho hiei Yu yu hakusho hiei I have the power of the Black Dragon, because now I am the dragon!The dragon cannot be controlled unless the user is capable of absorbing it, but it can be more or less directed at a target.However, Hiei has already captured Keiko, and is leading them to his seaside lair.He shows the same degree of ruthlessness to his foes - regardless of age or gender.

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Yu yu hakusho hiei Yu yu hakusho hiei At the end of the series, an artbook puts him at 5' 3".Most of the time I don't understand the things he does, but I have seen the humiliation of those who underestimate him far too often for me to doubt him.During the Three Kings arc, Hiei is invited by Mukuro to travel to her territory and become a part of her army.Also, due to his nature as a fire demon, Hiei is unable to be burned by weaker fire-based attacks.

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Yu yu hakusho hiei Mukuro: Before we have our battle, I'm curious to know, is your opinion about death as same as it was before?Afterwards, Yusuke bribed Hiei with the Chapter Black tape, a VHS tape said to contain all of the most heinous crimes mankind has ever done unto itself and others on record, in exchange for helping to defeat Sensui.In the manga, it is mentioned that the barrier between makai and ningenkai was taken down because reikai was brainwashing D-class demons to show up in the human world.Near the end of the series, Hiei uses his sword to cut through Mukuro's energy geysers.

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Yu yu hakusho hiei He is seemingly overpowered by his opponent's ice powers, but breaks free and kills him (in the manga the battle is much shorter, with Seiryu falling to pieces right after the battle begins).In the game Jump Ultimate Stars , Hiei has two variations of this move for both his 4 Koma and 5 Koma Special A.You just want to belong to something.

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Yu yu hakusho hiei Initially, it damaged his arm horribly, but Hiei has surpassed that by discovering that in order to completely control the dragon's power and have its power at his full disposal, he had to trap it within his own being.After Yusuke claims two of the three items stolen from spirit world, he senses Hiei's energy and quickly races.However, due to the mysterious power of the icy tear stone, a memento from his mother, his wicked mind was gradually purified.