Hiei yu yu hakusho

Hiei yu yu hakusho
Hiei yu yu hakusho
Hiei yu yu hakusho

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Hiei yu yu hakusho Hiei yu yu hakusho This means that he cares for her and wants her to be happy.Hiei somehow has the abilitie to repair this sword as shown several times.Even though, one might think of Hiei as a ruthless assassin, there are certain things that we can learn from him.There he met Shigure who challenged him to battle, pitted by Mukuro.

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Hiei yu yu hakusho Hiei yu yu hakusho Though not as great as Yusuke or Kuwabara, Hiei strength is very high as shown from his first appearance as he cassually cut an iron door, and sent a Demonized human flying meters back with just a singles punch.She fell in love with a fire demon and bore his son.He can also dislodge his joints without seeming to suffer any drawback.Something about what you just said is a lie.Most of the time I don't understand the things he does, but I have seen the humiliation of those who underestimate him far too often for me to doubt him.Covering two different stories, the OVA adapts "Two Shots," which is a side-manga story revealing how Kurama and Hiei first met, and "All or Nothing," the second-to-last chapter of Yoshihiro Togashi's original manga which sees Yusuke and the gang try and solve a major terrorist crisis.

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Hiei yu yu hakusho Hiei yu yu hakusho It is my belief that Mukuro was not indicating Hiei's age, but rather indicating that after all Hiei has been through he has the equivalent of 500 years of experience.What can I do to prevent this in the future?Hiei was a male, full of demon power at birth, and therefore the elder considered him a curse.

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Hiei yu yu hakusho Their names were Yomi, Raizen, and Mukuro.Hina shed two tears which turned into gems, one for Hiei and one for his sister, Yukina, who is full fledged Koorime.Hiei was later abandoned by the bandits too, since they grew weary of his murderous intent.I'm told by someone who has apparently seen every episode and read every manga that their ages are never revealed, thus all we can do is go on these clues, which indicate that Hiei and Yukina could be anywhere from 7 to over 250 years old.

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Hiei yu yu hakusho If what you get in return is more than what you are willing to give up, then you should probably go for your goal, otherwise not.Shigure said that if Hiei wins, he could tell Yukina who he is.He is working directly with Mukuro and may be romantically involved with her (he walks uninvited into her bedroom), but this is not clarified.

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Hiei yu yu hakusho This might be also the same tearstone she gave Hiei on episode 100 of YuYu Hakusho, but maybe he returned it because he's going to be gone for a long time and he doesn't want her to be lonely.Hiei believed that Kurama held information about a demon known as Eight-Hands and his relation to an ice maiden.Kurama asked for his name, and reluctantly he replied.The fact that he went through such an ordeal speaks volumes about his character.Kurama was walking with a girl named Maya, who confessed to Kurama that she loved him dearly.He can take having his arms cut off, one after the other, as if it were nothing.