Attack on titan mikasa

Attack on titan mikasa
Attack on titan mikasa
Attack on titan mikasa

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Attack on titan mikasa Attack on titan mikasa During the battle between Eren and the War Hammer Titan, Mikasa attacks the War Hammer from behind, using a modified mount with multiple Thunder Spears.She realizes that it means a Titan has transformed and worries over Eren.They interrogate him about Eren and Historia's location until the name "Kenny Ackermann" comes out, surprising Mikasa and Levi with the man's apparent relation to her.Floch claims to be acting on Eren's behalf to wipe out any resentment Paradis might have.Mikasa's bond with Eren is undoubtedly her most important relationship and the one that defines her.Afterwards, Mikasa is relocated to a prison cell alongside the other captives.

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Attack on titan mikasa Attack on titan mikasa Kiyomi finishes by stating that Mikasa is the descendant of Hizuru's lost lord and the hope for their nation.There, a carriage comes crashing through and seemingly kidnaps Eren and Historia, though the kidnapped victims are actually Jean and Armin in disguise.The scouts are now walking within a mountaintop forest, nearing dawn.Their injuries allow them to transform into the Armored and Colossal Titans.

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Attack on titan mikasa Attack on titan mikasa At the forest's edge, Reiner transforms into the Armored Titan.She smiles, with tears in her eyes, and Eren vows to wrap that scarf around her as many times as she wants.He reminds them that Eren always fights, even if he is going to lose, so he should be able to hold out until the two of them can rescue him again.Mikasa tells Armin that she plans to leave on her own so that she can give Eren a proper burial.Levi notes that the kidnappers are seemingly amateurs and leaves the situation in her hands.After following a deformed Titans trail, the Scouts reach the edge of Paradis Island, and behold the ocean.

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Attack on titan mikasa Mikasa is surprised upon hearing this last name and Levi reacts as well.While heading to the Walls, the formation is attacked by multiple Titans brought by a couple of rookie soldiers who disobeyed a direct order from Commander Erwin, and Mikasa must save the rookies who are caught by the Titans.Roughly a year after the Struggle for Trost, after the Executioner from Hell has eradicated all Titans within Wall Maria and Shiganshina has been repopulated, the Scout Regiment was able to hold an expedition beyond the Walls for the first time in six years.While she was still training, Keith even noted that Mikasa's performance is exemplary in every subject, and that she is truly a genius.After a concerted push, they manage to force the Anti-Personnel Control Squad into a retreat.Annoyed, Eren leaves, with Mikasa following him.

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Attack on titan mikasa Once the boat is ready to depart, Mikasa helps carry an injured Annie onboard.At first, she begins to reprimand him for going outside alone when he is their enemies' most wanted target, but then she realizes that he is looking at the boy who stole from Sasha and Levi earlier in the day, as well as the boy's family.After following a deformed Titans trail, the Survey Corps reach the edge of Paradis Island, and behold the ocean.She also wears a eco-friendly cape Together with the wings of independence within the back in the course of some missions.

Attack on titan mikasa Jean spots a nearby Titan and Hange quickly orders the group to illuminate the area with their fragments of the Reiss Chapel cave.Mikasa demands to know if Eren realizes the horror he has committed, killing civilians and children.As the others volunteer themselves also, Eren decides to not choose any of them due to valuing their friendship and not wanting to have any of their lives forcibly cut short on his behalf.Before the order can be given to fire upon them once more, they are saved when Commander Dot Pyxis, head administrator of the southern region, intervenes.As Levi agrees to use the Titan serum to save Armin's life, Mikasa shoots a flare to notify Hange that Reiner must be killed.After some prompting by Eren, Mikasa shares it, saying that her mother gave it to her as a girl and to pass it down to her children later on.