Mega construx castle grayskull

Mega construx castle grayskull
Mega construx castle grayskull
Mega construx castle grayskull

Mega Construx GGJ67 - Masters of the Universe Castle

Mega construx castle grayskull Mega construx castle grayskull Based on the Masters of the Universe: Classics version, every detail of this castle has been faithful.It also includes six micro action figures of He-Man, Skeletor, Man-at-Arms, Teela, Beast Man, and the Sorceress.It does spin, just like the vintage toy, so your figures can get some combat practice before taking on the Evil Warriors.Last year, Mattel made good on something that designers had been hinting at since at least 2015 when the company showed off a mock-up of a Mega Construx Castle Grayskull at Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC).Diese Aktion kann nicht ruckgangig gemacht werden.The design could be a bit more exciting but it definitely seems like a solid place for storing the bad guys.

Masters of the Universe: Grayskull Mega Construx Castle

Mega construx castle grayskull Mega construx castle grayskull You will be able to find links for purchase here, and don't forget to check out some of the new Mega Contrux MOTU sets coming soon from Mattel here.Additional sets, vehicles, and micro action figures are available now, and the upcoming Panthor at Point Dread building playset connects to the top turret of Castle Grayskull to expand the fun!You can move the flagpole if you'd like but it does attach to the studs for a sturdier build.His mom came in thinking she could do better, and it ended up with two adults and a kid in the floor trying to figure out which odd-looking piece the instructions were referring to!We really liked the mini action figures that come with this set.

Mega Construx Masters of the Universe Castle GraySkull

Mega construx castle grayskull Mega construx castle grayskull It folds up like the original 80s Grayskull (you can see a recent article where I restored a vintage 80s Castle Grayskull here ) but most of the inspiration comes from the recent MOTU Classics Castle Grayskull.So, if you want to make this set happen you need to get your order in now.Look at all of those individual pieces!

Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull - Mega Construx

Mega construx castle grayskull Once it was all put together we had fun exploring all the play features.The set will feature more than 3,600 pieces.Of course, she's also green and clad in a gorgeous green outfit.I actually thought there was a good chance of Lego getting MotU as a theme until Mattel bought Mega Bloks.I love the look of the various wooden roofs on this as well as the appearance of the towers.Shockingly, I'm enjoying MC more than Lego now.

We Revisit the MOTU Mega Contrux Castle Grayskull from

Mega construx castle grayskull Each one comes with at least one accessory as well.This is one of the coolest pieces in the set.To be fair I wish the original design of the door stay closed too.Shipping is free , otherwise free store pickup is available where stock permits.

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Mega construx castle grayskull There are a lot more MOTU themed Mega Construx coming out.The play features in this set are plentiful.Designed for kids ages 14 and up (younger builders will enjoy this with help from a grown-up), Castle Grayskull is an immersive, 3,508-piece building set that is based on the gigantic Masters of the Universe: Classics Castle Grayskull that was released in 2013 (itself inspired by the prototype of the toy from the 1980s).Back in 2014 I reviewed the Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull and, man, it's still one of my favorite pieces I own.