Trust no one not even yourself

Trust no one not even yourself
Trust no one not even yourself
Trust no one not even yourself

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Trust no one not even yourself Trust no one not even yourself It is not wrong of me to say that trusting no one is the only option you have got.Love and hate can coexist but just not for the same person at the same time.I did not see it coming from Muhyiddin, too.

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Trust no one not even yourself Trust no one not even yourself Mahathir is one prime example of that.Sometimes a person can trust an enemy rather than a friend.Giving your 101 percent trust on him and ignoring his imperfections, little suspicious things and even the obvious red flags.And when that person finally reveals his true form, you are left with nothing but regret.

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Trust no one not even yourself Trust no one not even yourself When a friend stabs your back, it hurts.That is why you should always depend on yourself and only on yourself.And you never want a person you love to change, not because of you, because love is to accept them the way they are.When you love a person, trust automatically develops for that person.Learn to put yourself first and trust that you know what to do.

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Trust no one not even yourself Your long involvement in politics plus your more than two decades as prime minister should put you on the pedestal as the greatest master tactician, one beyond compare, the numero uno of all Malaysian politicians.Sometimes we cannot even see that change because it is so small, but still, it is there.When life gets hard and people leave, that is when you know that you have trusted the wrong people, and there is no way to tell if there is any right person there to trust and that is when you realize maybe you should have trusted only and only yourself and no one else.Do not trust a person who thinks he is better than you.Well, I am not saying that every person you will ever meet is going to hurt you, but most of them are.

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Trust no one not even yourself Let me say this to that fellow Christian and my long-time friend again: You know what you have done by teaming up with the traitors was wrong.How can you trust someone who hurt you million times, trust cannot be bought by any riches in the world, it is something that needs to be earned.Trust yourself and be proud of yourself.And yes, let me advise you not to post photos of yourself in a church or near a crucifix because it is nauseating to many Christians, me certainly.Do you have issues trusting other people?

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Trust no one not even yourself Key to Success: Depending on others and trusting others will not get you anywhere.But like many, I do not walk in the corridors of power.How can we ever trust those who aspire or claim to be leaders when they cannot even trust themselves?