High school sweetheart strain

High school sweetheart strain
High school sweetheart strain
High school sweetheart strain

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High school sweetheart strain High school sweetheart strain Each flower has the potential to express in many ways.People gasp at the sight of her dazzling flowers.Currently, their flowers are available all over California.Nugs are just as gorgeous as your first love with a blue-green base color, bright orange pistils, clear trichomes, and a wealth of sticky resin.The effect spreads throughout the body, and smokers claim to remain relaxed and slightly aroused at the same time.This marijuana strain is known to be a heavy-hitter.

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High school sweetheart strain High school sweetheart strain Flowering time averages between eight to nine weeks.Blue Dream and Granddaddy Purple are great examples of Myrcene-rich cannabis strains.This hybrid grows large dense buds with big calyxes, boasting lots of resin perfect for hash production.This takes a relaxing turn, calming the mind before spreading throughout the rest of your body, leaving you fully kicked back and slightly aroused at times.Medical benefits : High school sweetheart medical marijuana is known to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.Either way, remember that this strain will probably give you nothing but good memories, so why not take a chance?

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High school sweetheart strain High school sweetheart strain High School Sweetheart reported flavors.The effects of this flavor hits strong in the body.You have experience with the medical qualities of High School Sweetheart BX?Take her to 10 weeks for extra hard flower formation.

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High school sweetheart strain This cross will provide very strong medicinal options for patients who need a well-rounded medicine.The orchestra waits for his command.In our selections, we came across a perfect potpourri of flavors that connoisseurs will enjoy.These genetics set the stage for an offering very different than the Runtz or Mintz of today, but instead a throwback to a more classic strain grown to be more Zaza than it ever could.If you break open a bud, you are greeted with sour, gassy notes, evidence of those OG genetics hiding deep within.Everyone remembers their high school sweetheart, although some more fondly than others.


High school sweetheart strain Nugs form tightly and colas are surprisingly big and dense.The aroma and flavour is a combination of blueberries, cinnamon and fuel.The Synchronicity 3 is our heaviest hitter and most purple of the keepers.The Harlequin lineage brings out exotic flavors and growth characteristics without losing the grease and resin.

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High school sweetheart strain High school sweetheart strain Bred by Gage Green Genetics, High School Sweetheart is a cross of Cherry Pie Kush and Grateful Breath.The Pakistan Chitral Kush is a stud, land race male, with purple pods and stems, which we obtained from Ace Seeds.Jojorizo, a breeder that collaborated with Gage Green Genetics often, has passed away, leaving the team absent of his creations moving forward.This bud is well-known for her ability to typically help with anxiety and depression, ridding your mind of any worries that were once present.