Vault of the wardens entrance

Vault of the wardens entrance
Vault of the wardens entrance
Vault of the wardens entrance

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Vault of the wardens entrance Vault of the wardens entrance Clear the ghosts near the ramp (you may have to clear them all, as they have a wide aggro radius) and climb it to the upper balcony.As these reach low health, they will begin to cast Unleash Fury, dealing potentially fatal party-wide damage.The instance was released in the Legion expansion.They are found in a Chest of Documents in the last room before the dungeon.A) Yes, if you know another warlock with the final three components of the quest, you can save yourself up to 250g!

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Vault of the wardens entrance Vault of the wardens entrance If Paladin DeShelby was rescued during The Execution quest then you can meet her in Prison.There is a lot of trash on both ship and land so be ware, not all trash needs to be killed.While stealthed, Cordana will fire out 8 Fel Glaive s every 3 seconds, which deal high Fire damage to any player hit, so avoid them.This can be decursed, and if possible you should avoid healing players with this active unless necessary.Most of the strategies above will work in Heroic and Mythic versions of the instance, but we'll soon make a revision of this guide where we will note the boss abilities exclusive to those difficulties.

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Vault of the wardens entrance Vault of the wardens entrance As the arena is a raised dais surrounded by empty space, ranged damage dealers and healers should avoid being near the edge, or it is likely that they will be knocked into their deaths.She tells you that Linder Kemm isn't what he seems to be and that he has a few secrets.Much like the Myrmidons, these should be faced away from the group due to Cleave.This puts a timer on doing this part of the fight, as a healer will quickly become overwhelmed by the damage on the entire group, so adjust the mirrors as soon as possible to expedite this phase.Felsworn Myrmidons will deal heavy tank damage and also routinely cast Deafening Screech , which cannot be interrupted and will silence any players in front for 3 seconds upon cast completion.

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Vault of the wardens entrance This beam deals fatal damage and must be avoided at all costs.Disease Cloud - A putrid cloud of disease surrounds the caster, dealing 694 to 806 Nature damage to nearby enemies.If this is cast upon a player who has already been hit by Imprison, they will need a lot of healer attention and likely a personal defensive cooldown to survive.Healers should likewise avoid the obstacles mentioned above.

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Vault of the wardens entrance The new pillar reveals hidden enemies around it, and can be interacted with by another player so that they may receive the Light (allowing you to pass it around, essentially).Below, going in a clockwise path around the room, is a list of what to expect in each group.You should also go near the city gate.The tank also should move her away from the traps so that melee damage dealers can reach her and keep on doing their thing.Reach the opposite side of the vault.They will regularly cast Throw , dealing high Physical damage at random players in the group.

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Vault of the wardens entrance Anti-Magic Shell - Creates an anti-magic shell around the caster that will absorb up to 200000 magic damage.The only notable aspect about these fights is that the imps explode a few seconds after death, dealing AoE damage - once one is killed, all players should move away.Ideally, you should pick up the avatar, bunch it up with Cordana and then turn your back to the center of the arena so she will kick you back to the center.If any player moves inside the brambles after this, they will be trapped in a root and suffer moderate Physical damage every 3 seconds.Cordana Felsong - Strategy and Tips.According to Riordan, this stockpile has been kept by the Wardens for centuries for the defense of Denerim.