Smith and wesson model 10

Smith and wesson model 10
Smith and wesson model 10
Smith and wesson model 10

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Smith and wesson model 10 Smith and wesson model 10 We feel that an average muzzle velocity of 298 foot-pounds is considerable power behind expandable ammunition.I always thought a Smith and Wesson Model 10 looked like a revolver should.Never quite got interested in a shiny, reflective gun, but each to his own.

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Smith and wesson model 10 Smith and wesson model 10 There have been many small changes in all of the Model 10 family over the years.Most, if not all, handguns can be enhanced through services of gunsmiths.Auto-ejecting revolvers were popular around the late 1890s because they allowed for quicker reloads.A box of shotshells turns it into a decent anti-snake gun.

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Smith and wesson model 10 Smith and wesson model 10 Gun is excellent throughout showing only light use marks.The sights, although fixed, present a decent, Patridge type sight picture in daylight conditions.Thus, we had the pleasure of shooting what was functionally a new Model 10-5 revolver.However, an auto-ejecting revolver must be built in a top-break configuration, like a double-barrel shotgun, instead of the traditional swing-out cylinder.Load with either a speedloader or six individual rounds and close the cylinder.The model 10-6 is a double action revolver, meaning the trigger both cocks the hammer and releases it.

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Smith and wesson model 10 Unfortunately, none was available for sale locally, due to the Obama ammo shortage.Some people suspect I have a portrait of John Moses Browning hung above my headboard.For the shooter this equates to a smooth-shooting, dependable revolver that requires very little maintenance and is inexpensive to own and operate.Anybody ever try and run 7mm subsonic?But if you buy any mainstream factory loaded defensive round, it will function beautifully in your 10-6.Grip modifications will definitely improve your grip (no pun intended).

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Smith and wesson model 10 The combination of minimalistic carry sights and ultra-short sight radius stack the odds against the shooter purely from a usability perspective.The first type of upgrades - mechanical upgrades - have a little bit of warning packed with them.The forward tip of the ejector rod is now capped and does not figure into lockup.Along the same lines is the full-sized.From a practical standpoint the added internal locking mechanism is unobtrusive, but does add an additional potential point of failure.

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Smith and wesson model 10 The ejector star meshes with the face of the cylinder without the use of locating pins, relying instead upon the way each tip of the star fits into place.He changed to SWC rounds and found they dug in and did the damage needed.The latest version of this model offers some much-improved features.If you are able to do the change yourself go for it, but always remember that a small failure in your gunsmithing endeavour may result in tragedy.Well the obvious reason is that no two shooters are the same and what is perfect for one might be not so perfect for the other.Three words: Stock Service Revolver.